Why Use ProcessEx®

ProcessEx reduces costs, boosts efficiency, achieves rapid ROI and increases competitive advantage.

Most companies have several processes that consist of manual or semi-manual steps run by a mix of spreadsheets, email, package products and custom systems. And, most companies have processes that are not being followed at all. Or, in order to achieve even partial compliance with the process, managers and administrative personnel spend valuable time tracking down where a task stands and correcting the running of the process.

Why use ProcessEx? Here are just 5 reasons.

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Cost Reduction

The day to day overhead for both the front office and the back office processes can be significant. Many of an organization’s key resources can spend 20%, 40% or even up to 60% of their time just overseeing and managing the correct running of processes. Reducing the manual administration means no need to increase staff to handle bogged down, manual processes.

With ProcessEx operational costs can be slashed by 15% to 30% or more by clearly defining, automating and replacing the manual workflow.

The Automated Admin feature of ProcessEx is a simple and effective method for managing many different aspects of a business process. The Automated Admin saves a lot of time for managers and executives, reducing the need for tedious administrative oversight.

ProcessEx will provide an organization with hard dollar savings in many operational and production areas including:

  • Producing reports, spreadsheets and other documents
  • Manual entry data
  • Training and knowledge transfer
  • Review data for accuracy
  • Error locating and correcting
  • Contacting individuals to remind them of task due dates or to move a process along
  • Compliance penalties

This does not even account for the soft cost savings that an organization will see from boosts in both efficiency and productivity.

Boost Efficiency and Productivity

ProcessEx will boost efficiency and productivity in your organization. It allows your employees, customers, partners, suppliers and others to collaborate more closely and more efficiently by ensuring that the correct information is exchanged at the correct time and through the correct process. This allows everyone to get their work done faster and to a higher degree of accuracy the first time around.

ProcessEx’s executive dashboard allows you to see real time status of workflows. Through the dashboard you can see potential bottlenecks and quickly delegate workloads – even before the bottleneck occurs – allowing the process and your business to run smoothly.

Achieve Rapid ROI

Typical savings in an organization can average $4,000 per user, per process, per year. At a cost of $200 per year per user for unlimited processes, buying just 1 process can save $3,800 per year. Just 1 user leveraging 3 processes can save an organization $11,800 per year. Just 5 users using 3 processes each can save an organization $59,000.

Additionally, ProcessEx works with – and does not replace – your existing assets, software solutions, documents, spreadsheet and reports. This allows you to get more out of your existing investments with affordable subscription costs where you only pay for what you use. Click here for information on ProcessEx pricing.

Increase Competitive Advantage

Take a proactive approach to your business. Use ProcessEx’s executive dashboard to measure and improve business performance. With ProcessEx you have greater visibility into process status, compliance, bottlenecks, workload allocation, trends and behaviors. Now, you can make informed decisions, based on data you can trust, and take appropriate action at the appropriate time. This will give you an increased competitive advantage in your market space.

With ProcessEx you can also quickly respond to ever changing business, customer, regulatory and market demands. The ProcessEx platform is assembled – not coded – so we can easily snap in new processes or update current processes in just a matter of hours. This allows you to meet new challenges and improve your business responsiveness, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Affordable Cloud-Based Software Solution Sold As SaaS

There are many productivity tools on the market that allow businesses to automate their processes. However, until now, most of those tools were very costly and not an option for most organizations.

ProcessEx now makes all the needed products and features for Basic Routing, Basic Automation and Full Automation available to businesses of all sizes and capabilities in one affordable package.

See how quickly and affordable automating your processes can be:

Solution Category Description Time Frame
Basic Routing
(Level 1)
The existing reports, forms, spreadsheets and documents (assets) can be wrapped in a production application that will control and monitor the process.
  • 2 to 5 hours of process owner time
  • 10 to 20 hours of Process Specialist time
Basic Automation
(Level 2)
Basic Routing with the addition of integration and automation to produce the current assets electronically.
  • Per integration or automation component
    • 1 hour of process owner time
    • 10 to 20 hours of Developer time
Full Automation
(Level 3)
Eliminates the existing assets and the solution now encapsulates all the functionality of the original assets.
  • Vary. Typical 1 to 3 months for a 25 to 50 screen application

ProcessEx is a Cloud-based software solution sold as a SaaS so there is no overhead for installing and maintaining software packages and appliances. And, with ProcessEx you pay as you go, paying for only what you need, when you need it. ProcessEx can also run in the enterprise. Click here for information on ProcessEx pricing.

Everyone knows that removing manual steps and tedious, time consuming administrative oversight from a process will save time and money and improve accuracy. Yet, many organizations are stuck with manual operations or process and procedure noncompliance.

Often times, these processes are considered “non-core” applications and IT and the business do not focus on them. Or, process automation is thought to be too significant a task to add to busy schedules and already strained budgets.

Now, with ProcessEx companies can easily – and cost effectively – automate their processes quickly – in some cases in as little as hours or days. Configure and deploy a process in ProcessEx almost as quickly as the process can be documented.

Sold as a subscription based service, ProcessEx is designed to help businesses of all sizes and capabilities improve their business processes, capture data, shorten cycle and re-work time, gain visibility into operation and production processes and ultimately become more efficient.

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