What People Are Saying About ProcessEx®

Listen to what others are saying about ProcessEx.

“The business dashboard allows me to see exactly what is wrong and immediately take appropriate action to fix it.”

Principal, Sales Executive Training Company

“Today’s businesses need to be more productive with the same amount of employees. ProcessEx allows us to work more efficiently with less overhead and rework.”

David Decker, President, Decker Building Company

“ProcessEx automates and takes control of our time reporting and billing process, reducing the effort and cost to complete the billing process. The system paid for itself in six months.”

CEO, Technology Company

“With ProcessEx it is like having an Automated Executive Assistant – you almost can’t afford NOT to use it.”

Herb Hess, President and Founder, CNE Business Intelligence Specialists

“ProcessEx has an on-demand Cloud delivery model that provides us with an easy way to get tangible software and consulting revenue quickly.”

Operations Director, Consulting Company

“With ProcessEx we were quickly able to create a New Software Cloud offering and up-sell our client.”

Practice Leader, Consulting Company

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