ProcessEx has all of the power of many commercial products in one affordable Cloud-based platform.

With the ProcessEx Platform there is no practical limitation to the types of business processes – and business solutions – that can be assembled and deployed without code. It is truly “do-it-yourself” technology. Affordable, secure, Cloud-based – you now have the ability to take control of your processes and retake control of your business.

For the Company – the Organization – the User

Secure Platform and Login

The ProcessEx Platform has been carefully architected with your security in mind. Extensive security measures are in place to prevent any compromise in your data. These security measures include SSL-encrypted website, end-to-end 128-bit AES encryption, automatic inactivity time-out, strong passwords and safety-oriented user interface.

ProcessEx has robust account and session authentication features, including personal security images with personal captions and passwords. All passwords must be at least eight characters and include both letters and numbers. Every time ProcessEx asks for your password, your security image will be displayed with your personal caption. Too many failed logon attempts will cause the ProcessEx website account to be temporarily locked to protect against password guessing.

Custom Look and Feel

Make ProcessEx a part of your organization. With ProcessEx you can use your own logo and your own branding.

Simplified Inbox

ProcessEx has a simplified inbox for a user to request, track and complete their tasks. The user interface has intuitive controls and status indicators to quickly allow a user to see where a task stands – on time, nearing due or late. Any notices from the Automated Admin will appear for the user in their inbox.

From the inbox the user can review all tasks they have that are outstanding. Each task can be worked on from the inbox. The user can also review all of their requests – such as vacation requests or expense reports – and see where the request stands in the process.

Start A New Process

You can either kick off a process automatically or by clicking on a menu item.

Choose your process from a list of available processes or create a new process. Any process can be easily modified through intuitive drag and drop tools to make it unique to your needs.

Automated Admin

The Automated Admin tracks all tasks, automatically sending out notifications when a task has been assigned, re-assigned and reminders when a task is nearing due or overdue. The Automated Admin even sends out escalations when a deadline is in jeopardy of being missed and information on how many days are left to fulfill a deadline.
The Automated Admin can be set up to send notifications of important information changes that have occurred to a task and notify users that their participation is needed.
Send emails, give you a call on your cell or at home and even set up meetings to follow up on tasks – the Automated Admin does it all.

Monitoring Dashboard

The full featured executive dashboard allows you to view the real time status of a process. From the dashboard you can drill down on the process to see the next steps or where action is needed to keep the task on track. On the fly you can institute ad hoc delegation of workflow tasks or delegate the task to another user for a period of time. This allows you to redistribute the workflow with just a click.

You can define charts and reports in graphical or tabular format and see them in the dashboard. Users can create filtered and color coded graphs, charts and list views. The tasks can be viewed by category, by status and by type. From the dashboard you can see who is accomplishing their tasks in a timely fashion and who is not.

Educate and Train

ProcessEx can quickly educate and train users on existing or new processes with no additional administrative overhead. Every process that is created in ProcessEx contains a graphical workflow depiction of the process. Click on any step in the process and receive additional information and instructions.

From the workflow detail a user can learn the steps in the process, the participants involved in the process, the estimated timeframe for the process to complete and what happens if there is a denial or a modified request.

Update Your Process or Build a New One

The ProcessEx Platform is based on intuitive drag and drop, point and click, intuitive tools. Everything is assembled. There is no code. This makes updating your process or building a new process easy. Simple vacation approval requests to complex processes with integration across external applications and data sources can be quickly assembled.

You can create, edit and customize a process by just dragging and dropping elements and modifying default properties. Or, you can talk with one of our Process Specialists and have us assemble the process for you. Processes can be created in ProcessEx in as little as 2 hours. Click here to get started today.

Build, Deploy and Manage Directly from the Web

ProcessEx is a secure Cloud-based software platform. No client software or appliances need to be installed to run ProcessEx. You have no burden of installing and maintaining software. It is an on demand zero-footprint deployment. Build, deploy and manage directly from the Web with no additional infrastructure costs.

Assign Roles and Connect Inside and Outside the Organization

ProcessEx can be used to run business and operational processes that involve a wide range of users. Use ProcessEx to automate information between users in your organization and between different departments, channels, partners, suppliers, vendors and customers.

Controls and privileges that are available depend on user role and type as well as on user defined business roles. Apply role-based security to control access to processes, reports, data and the ProcessEx executive dashboard.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Access your ProcessEx application 7/24/365 on any device. You can use any application created on the ProcessEx Platform with Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad browsers. ProcessEx supports the recent versions of all major Web browsers for both Mac and PC.

Purchase Processes from The Process Store or Sell Your Own Processes

You can browse The Process Store to find a process that fits your needs. Purchase the process from The Process Store, download it and start using it today.
Processes are so easy to create with the ProcessEx Platform. Anyone one can build a process. It’s that easy. Now you can earn money for yourself or your organization with the processes you build. Design a process and make it available for sale in The Process Store and earn revenue every time someone buys it and downloads it from The Process Store.

For the ProcessEx Partner

Productize Your Intellectual Property

Turn your intellectual property into a reoccurring revenue stream. Click here for more information. [LINK “here” to PARTNER PAGE]

Create Client Demos of Working Solutions

Rapidly create and deploy a client demo of an actual working solution with the ProcessEx Platform. Click here for more information.

Create Solutions at Lower Costs and Faster

Rapidly create solutions faster and at a lower cost and turn them into reusable templates. Click here for more information.

For Everyone

Access to the Process Builder or the Composite Application Builder

The ProcessEx Platform gives you access to:

  • Relational Database
  • Content Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Rules and Business Logic
  • Real Time Web Communication Service
  • Email, SMS, IVR integration
  • GUI or Presentation
  • Meta Layer
  • Integration
  • Security
  • Auditing
  • Reporting

If you have a need for a process or a solution and cannot figure out how to create it, contact us for help.

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