With ProcessEx you can achieve affordable, easy automation for your business processes.

ProcessEx takes control of any process or procedure and turns a bottleneck into a strategic advantage – saving the organization on average $5,000 per user, per process, per year. Processes can be created in ProcessEx in as little as a few hours.

Business Challenge

Every organization has policies and procedures that are critical to its core purpose – billing, time reporting, expense reporting, customer interaction, budgeting, employee reviews, approvals, regulatory compliance and more. Many of those policies and procedures are documented but are not being followed.

ProcessEx routes, tracks, and monitors tasks while interacting with your existing assets. ProcessEx’s Automated Admin will automatically call, email and, if necessary, set meetings to follow up on tasks that are late or are on the verge of being late.

There are many productivity tools on the market that allow businesses to automate their processes. However, until now, most of those tools were very costly and not an option for most organizations. Now, with ProcessEx organizations of all sizes and capabilities can be empowered to automate the simplest to the most complex process.

The Solution

ProcessEx is a secure Cloud-based software solution sold as a service that automates processes. ProcessEx allows you to take control of your processes. ProcessEx provides the oversight you need to ensure that your processes are being followed and the tasks are being completed on time.

No longer do you have to struggle with a lack of visibility into where an item stands in the process. Is the task on track? Is additional information needed? Are we going to meet key dates? Are we compliant?  No more running in circles trying to figure out a simple answer.

With ProcessEx you can easily bridge the process gap between production systems, external data sources and the many “offline” processes. ProcessEx works with – not replaces – your existing assets, software solutions, documents, spreadsheets, reports, processes and procedures to provide the visibility, efficiency, and accuracy to your operational and production processes – allowing you to make timely and informed decisions.

Use ProcessEx’s executive dashboard to drill down and see exactly where a task stands in the process. This allows the executive or manager to take the appropriate action at the appropriate time – including having the Automated Admin contact the team member responsible or assigning the task to someone else on the fly.

ProcessEx allows an organization to take control of its processes – and retake control of its business…!

Take the ProcessEx Challenge Today – No Risk

  • Pick one of your business processes you want to automate.
  • Schedule a brief call with a Process Specialist to review your process.
  • We will create an automated version of your process.
  • Within 5 business days we will schedule a web demo with you to show you your automated process functioning.
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